Treasure hunt for children
With our ready-made treasure hunt you arrange a fun treasure hunt in just minutes! The treasure hunt is ready to use and works in any home, you adjust duration and severity by choosing which clue cards to use. Perfect for the children’s birthday party or to add something fun for the kids to any other occasion!

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Ideas for a treasure hunt
The most important part in the treasure hunt is the treasure. Even if you have made a fantastic list of clues and leads and taken the kids on an imaginary journey if the treasure does not live up to their expectations, you are smoked. So make sure that the treasure consists of candy and sweets, else you will be in trouble. The treasure needs to be a reward worthy of the effort they put into finding the treasure.
detective games for kids
Treasure Hunt: Detective Adventure
A really fun mystery for the kids to solve! In Little Newbury, precious, rare books have disappeared from the library and a reward has been promised if the missing books are found. The children must go on an exciting search following clues and solving puzzles along the way. The treasure hunt is simple to prepare and lots of fun to play!
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For kids aged 7-10 years>>

Maths treasure hunt
Many of the treasure hunts you will find on have plenty of math challenges that require some math skills and logical thinking. Especially the treasure hunts for kids 7-10 years of age will have maths questions to solve in order to get to the next leveler in the treasure hunt. Make sure you keep track of time since it is one aspect of the score of the team together with the points the
superhero treasure hunt
An amazing adventure for any young superhero! Help Mighty Morrie save South City from the Gangster in the Green Mask. The treasure hunt is simple to prepare and organises the whole superhero party for you. Everything you need is included and it takes less than half an hour to set-up. It will be a party the kids will never forget!
For kids aged 4-6>>
For kids aged 7-10 years>>